Maybe you are seeking coaching in order to:

  • work on particular goals in your leadership approach or style
  • navigate current challenges in your life or work
  • prepare for a career transition
  • intentionally focus on your professional, personal or spiritual well-being
  • have an opportunity to develop new perspectives, strategies, and results in your work and/or your life

A guiding perspective for my approach to coaching is expressed by Marcel Proust who said that:

“The real voyage of discovery, consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

In my integral approach to coaching we focus on:

  • being a keen and skilled observer of who you are,
  • honing the shifts in perspective or your own narrative that open up the landscape before you,
  • articulating the purpose or commitment that wants to emerge in your life or work,
  • cultivating new actions and practices that can help you to embody qualitatively different results
  • developing compassionate accountability that supports your deepest aspirations and purpose

I draw upon a deep and comprehensive approach and range of experiences in the coaching I do. In addition to my extensive academic training in developmental psychology, theology and spirituality, and organizational change, I am a certified ontological coach (The Newfield Network), a certified somatic coach (The Strozzi Institute), a certified Open Focus Attention coach, and a HeartMath Coach.

If you would like an opportunity for an exploratory session, please contact me at lxpeers_at_gmail_dot_com

Or click here  to schedule an appointment on my on-line calendar.

Coaching Client Testimonials

“Through coaching, Larry Peers guided my thoughts and understanding from confusion to clarity. At the end, it was not his point of view that I could see clearly, but my own.” — A client

“I’ve been facilitating groups and providing executive coaching services for many years and I’ve worked with many, many facilitators and coaches. Larry is among the best I have seen . . . Thank you for sending this talented man our way! It has been a joy to get to know and work with Larry.” —Karen J. Curnow, MCC Principal, Compass International and Program Manager, The Newfield Network, Inc.

“At first I was unsure about coaching over the phone as I had little experience with it. I found that Larry was able to listen carefully in a way that accurately identified not just what I was saying but the feelings I was portraying as I spoke. Thanks for helping me find the things inside of me that yearned for this new direction. The outcome for me, couldn’t have been better, and for that I am grateful.” —A coaching client

“Working with Larry has been one of the most important investments I’ve ever made. His deep listening, compassion and wisdom helped me develop as a leader, partner, father and friend.” -A client