larry teachingThere are a number of workshops and retreats that I have developed and facilitate across the country that focus on supporting individuals, teams and organizations to discover and to implement positive, purposeful change in their life or work. I draw upon a rich array of perspectives and multiple modalities for learning in order to engage participants in the process of discovering, enacting and embodying “working on purpose.”

These workshops can be tailored for different groups and are offered at retreat centers and other locations. Some workshops are held as an “urban retreat” in my Philadelphia office and the nearby Morris Arboretum:

  • “Working On Purpose: Bringing Forth What Wants to Emerge in Your Life and Work”
  • ” Well-Being: Balancing Your Life, Renewing Your Work and Ministry
  • “Finishing Strong, Ending Well: Crafting Your Culminating Chapter of Your Work or Ministry” 
  • “Crossing the Threshold: Embracing Your Mid-life or Mid-Career”
  • What are Your Career Anchors and Why Are these Important?
  • “Embodied Spirituality: The Anatomy of Resilience”
  • “Reviewing, Revising and Recomposing Your Life and Work”
  • “Conscious Aging”

If interested in any of these workshops and on being on my quarterly newsletter, please contact me using the contact form on this website or at lxpeers_at_gmail_dot_com